Driver Enrolment

Drivers on Demand - Van DriverDrivers in Demand is looking for drivers of all categories from car, van, lorry, coach, forklift, HIAB and MOFFETT. Please fill in our Driver Enrolment form or Click here to send us your CV.

To match the right driver with the right job we ask you to attend for a relaxed and friendly interview when you can tell us the type of work you are looking for.

We like to get to know your, your personality, your communication style and your enthusiasm.  We'll also check your work history, experience and qualifications as well as check your references, complete DVLA licence checks and, if relevant, we assess your knowledge of drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations.   

We may also arrange a practical driving check-test and medical examination, if required, through our sister company Wallace School of Transport, which is an accredited RTITB Training Provider.

If you are interested in developing your skills, we offer advice about further qualifications and discounted training through our Driver Loyalty Scheme.

We have vacancies for temporary, contract and permanent positions. As a first step, complete the Driver Enrolment Form or call us on 020 8453 3444

Temporary Driver Placements

The advantage of working as a Temporary Driver is you are not tied down to a particular job or location.  A lot of our 'temps' prefer the variety of working with different companies and vehicles, taking up the opportunity to work with all groups/classes of licences and gain valuable experience and skills.

Contract Driver Placements

The Contract Drivers have the best of both worlds. Regular work, as part of a team, with added flexibility.

Drivers on Demand - Car DriverPermanent Driver Placements

Complete the Driver Enrolment Form to set up an interview when we can give you details of new vacancies Permanent Placement and jobs that may not appear on our website.

For all your Driver needs whether contract, temporary or permanent positions, contact Drivers on Demand at:

Drivers on Demand, 6 Steele Road, Park Royal, London, NW10 7AR

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