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Lorry Drivers Require Negative COVID-19 Test Before Entering France

Truck and van drivers travelling to France require a negative COVID-19 test taken less than 72 hours before arrival in France. To cater for this, 34 Department of Transport haulier information advice sites offering COVID-19 tests are now operational for international lorry and van drivers.

Drivers with a valid test will be able to use “fast track” access for Eurotunnel and Dover Port. Drivers entering Kent without a COVID-19 test can have it done at Ashford Sevington on M20 - Junction 8 for Channel Tunnel and Manston Airport for Dover (Postcode for entry to Manston site is CT12 5FF). However, this may cause severe delays and hence get tested before entering Kent  by using one of the sites listed below. It is not possible to enter France without a valid negative test.

Lorry Driver getting instructionsAdditionally, from 1 January 2021, HGV drivers must have a Kent Access Permit (KAP) to travel through Kent to the Port of Dover or the Eurotunnel and on to the European Union (EU). The permit helps manage traffic by confirming drivers have the right documents for EU import controls.

Department of Transport information advice sites offering COVID-19 tests are located at the following key services and locations:

The above Covid testing times were correct at the time of publishing this blog, However, check this at the site before setting off on your journey.

Other than the COVID-19 tests, the advice sites also offer drivers:

  • Information about the rules and documents needed to move goods between the UK and EU
  • complete free border readiness check to ensure they have the correct documentation to cross the EU border
  • help using the Check an HGV is ready to cross the border service

Drivers on Demand advices that you carry all the necessary paperwork and allow extra time to ensure that you do not get caught out by the 72 hour COVID-19 negative test result rule prior to entering France.

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Drivers with Truck Mounted Forklift operating skills in Demand

You may have seen Heavy Goods Vehicles carrying a bit of equipment hooked on the back of their truck and wondered what it is. These are Truck Mounted Forklifts (TMFL) that are carried around at the rear of the lorry and accompany the driver with their vehicle to where-ever the goods are to be delivered.  On reaching the destination the machine is right there at the place it needs to be and the driver who also operate the forklift, can simply off-load the goods from the HGV, then securely re-hook the machine back on to the vehicle and drive away to their next delivery point.

Truck Mounted Forklift - Drivers on Demand

In 1986 Cecil Moffett invented the Moffett Mounty truck mounted forklift in Ireland. This was a new concept allowing a relatively light weight forklift to piggyback on the rear of a lorry or trailer combination without taking up load space. The machine is built around the counterbalance principle, but the wheels are moved forward under the load, meaning the fulcrum point is further forward reducing the need for such a heavy counterweight.

Other manufacturer’s now also offer similar machines. However, developments and innovations with Moffett Mounty (now known as simply “Moffett”) continue and have revolutionised the haulage industry and are indispensable in modern transport load-handling situations.TMFL provide greater freedom of movement and reduce the overall costs of making deliveries. Compared to more conventional forklifts, TMFL are lighter, more agile and can be used in places where accessibility is difficult (including off-road for example at construction sites). With TMFL, drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance and faster turnaround means increasing productivity and substantially reducing transportation and handling costs and assisting with better logistics and increased profitability.

TMFL can be dismounted and be ready for work in as little as a minute and using them is easy as they are highly operator friendly, and they eliminate manual handling as the load can be precisely and safely positioned by the operator in almost any location.

Drivers with TMFL often earn more because their qualifications and skills increase productivity for their employer who can reward them accordingly.

TMFL’s safety and longevity, high level of operator comfort and optimum manoeuvrability means they are ideal for multiple industries including:

  • transport and beverage logistics,
  • recycling material applications,
  • technical and medical gases,
  • agriculture and the live events sector,
  • builder and timber merchants - delivering building materials, plasterboard, insulation & wood.
  • distributors of pet food, bird seed & agricultural feed,
  • drinks and beverage wholesalers,
  • many types of palletised distribution are perfect for on-off deliveries like lawn turf.

Drivers on Demand has seen an increase in enquires for both permanent and temporary drivers with TMFL/Moffett experience during the Covid-19 pandemic as companies look for replacement of employees who are unwell or are self isolating. If you need a driver with TMFL/Moffett operating skills or would like to get a Truck-Mounted Forklift qualification, or if you’ve got the qualification and are looking for work we can help. Call Wallace School of Transport – 0208 453 3440 ask for Russell

Drivers on Demand’s sister company Wallace School of Transport offers forklift training on all types of forklifts including TMFL/Moffett. If you are a driver and would like to enhance your skills and job prospects call Wallace Forklift Training for free on 0800 612 8948, choose option 3 or click here to email us.

Wallace School of Transport has over 50 years of experience in LGV/HGV, bus and coach driver training with the aim to get appropriate licence. There is still a shortage of HGV/LGV drivers in UK. With the unemployment rising, if you want to train to be a lorry or bus/coach driver, call us on 020 8453 3440.

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February 2020 - DoD Driver Secures Full Time Position

Drivers on Demand (DoD) would like to congratulate Craig Goldsbury for securing a full time position as Warehouse Operative and Wholesale Driver. Craig was registered with Drivers on Demand since October 2019.

Craig is originally from New Zealand and during his short stay with Drivers on Demand proved to be very reliable, hardworking, honest and trustworthy. Craig has a category B driver’s licence. For category B licence, if you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you are allowed to drive a vehicle and a trailer combination of up to 8.25 tonnes, maximum authorised mass (MAM) and a minibus with a trailer over 0.75 tonne. If you passed your test after 1st January 1997, you can drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonne MAM and up to 8 passenger seats with a trailer up to 0.75 tonne.

3.5 Tonne Van - need category B licence to drive it

3.5 Tonne Van – Need Category B Licence to drive it

The company Craig will be working for is a Drivers on Demand customer and specialises in distribution of sports nutrition vending services to gyms, universities and leisure centres across UK. It was established in 2012 and has seen a rapid expansion in UK. It offers a complete service including delivery, installation, maintenance, fully managed and self-fill vending machine packages to suit all their customers’ needs.

Drivers on Demand wish Craig Goldsbury a long and successful career.

If you are looking to train as an HGV/LGV, Bus and Coach, Hiab, Forklift or B+E van driver, contact our sister company Wallace School of Transport. Wallace has over 50 years of experience in driver training and you will be booking direct with the training provider and thus save money.

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