Driver FAQ

What type of work might I be offered?

We have a mix of clients ranging from Blue Chip large fleet operators to smaller, independent companies and the driving jobs vary from cars & vans, through to rigid lorries (with and without Hiab - Lorry Loader Crane) and up to full size articulated trucks.

Where are Drivers on Demand's jobs?

We have opportunities mainly across London and around M25, although we don't restrict ourselves and have supplied drivers in other parts of the UK too.  If you want to only work in certain areas let us know when registering.

How quickly will I be offered work?

After we receive your Driver Enrolment Form we ask you to attend for an interview when we carry out your licence, reference and pre-employment checks.  As soon as those checks are complete we can offer you work straight away - we have clients that are urgently looking for drivers so we won't delay.

Will I be offered Permanent Placements or Temporary Assignment's?

The choice is yours.  We have both available; just tell us when registering what you are looking for and we will advise you what's available.

When do I get paid?

We pay weekly.  Providing you submit your time sheet for your last week’s work by the following Monday we can pay you by Friday each week.  If you miss the Monday Time Sheet deadline your pay will be rolled over to the week after.

What rate of pay will I receive?

When we offer you a job or an assignment we will confirm the rate of pay for that assignment.  Different assignments may attract higher rates, for example, if you are offered work for evenings or weekends then you would be paid more, or if the job required a skill or expertise in a particular qualification then this could mean a higher rate of pay.   You will be responsible for your costs to get to the clients location for the assignment, but once at work if you are asked to travel on behalf of the client you will be reimbursed.

Does Drivers on Demand pay holiday pay?

Yes, for our PAYE drivers we provide an itemised pay slip and you will be able to see how much holiday pay you have earned.  When you want to take your holidays simply confirm the dates and we can pay the holiday pay in the appropriate week. 

Will Drivers on Demand make Pension Contributions for me?

Yes, we are signed up for the Workplace Pensions Scheme 

Do I get paid during my lunch or break times?

Generally, the industry norm is not to pay agency drivers during their breaks. 

Can Drivers on Demand help with Driver CPC or any other Training at discount prices?

Yes, through our partner company, Wallace School of Transport, we provide our regular, long established drivers a discount rate for Driver CPC and other training courses - ask for more details.

What happens if I don't have Drivers on Demand time sheet with me when I finish the working day at a client?

If you don't have a time sheet please ask the manager or supervisor, while you are with the client, to make a note of your hours on a letter headed paper.  But please make sure the person who signs the letterhead also adds their name and contact number, clearly written, so if we need to contact them we can.

What happens if I am working late and the client's manager or supervisor has gone home (so can't sign the time sheet)

Tell us in the office the next day so we can request the client signature for you.

What do I need to bring with me when working?

As well as your Licence, if working with a lorry or bus/coach you'll need Driver Qualification Card (DQC) and Tacho Card, but all drivers will also need:

  • A Smart Phone - you've got to be contactable - but make sure it's hands free - and remember your in-cab charger.
  • Map Books (UK and London A-Z) - Yes, we know there are many Sat Nav's on the market, and you may have one (although you'd need to check if yours is programmed for large vehicles if driving HGVs etc), but if the technology lets you down you need to have something else to rely on.
  • A pen & paper- simple but vital
  • Work gloves - helps you keep clean and protected
  • High- Viz Vest or Jacket (often issued by the client company, or by us, but it's good to have your own as a standby)
  • One-Time Only Camera - did you know that insurance companies won't necessarily allow phone pictures as evidence in case of accidents?
  • Torch

And remember your personal appearance is also important.  Personal hygiene is important, and although the boss doesn't want a beauty parade, it's not acceptable to wear dirty or torn clothes or a T shirt with an offensive or lewd design.  Some client companies have a strict dress code - we will advise you if this is the case.

What other skills do I need to make a success of working at Drivers on Demand?

Show courtesy and consideration at all times.  You are representing the client.  Many people see drivers as their ambassadors because drivers are the public face of the company.   It's vital that your politeness and efficiency comes across.  This will go a long way to creating a good impression as Customer Care for clients is equally as important to getting the job done correctly, i.e. the right goods, to the right place and at the right time.

What happens if I get a PCN (Penalty Charge Notices)? 

You are responsible for paying any parking fines or fines caused by your driving.

What happens if I have an accident (or damage) at client's vehicle?

Honesty is the best policy.  Whilst the client will naturally be upset, you will be covered under their insurance.  Remember, take photographs of the incident (ideally with a single use camera) and get full details of the other driver and their vehicle, including making a note of any damage/how much damage.  YOU DON'T WANT TO BE BLAMED for damage that was already on the vehicle - so it's always a good idea to draw to the attention of the client to any existing damage or defects on a vehicle after you have completed a pre-assignment inspection vehicle checks.

How do I make sure I'm always offered work/assignments?

Keep in touch with us during core office hours, 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday - or contact us out of hours on our Mobiles (numbers issued after your registration)

Can I visit Drivers on Demand office?

Yes, you are very welcome to come of our office (see office hours above) but remember you will need to find on-street parking which is from £1 per hour.  Sorry, we don't have customer/driver parking facilities at our office.